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Sklar Exploration is an independent exploration production company owned and managed by Howard F. Sklar.

Sklar Exploration Company L.L.C. and its affiliates are independent exploration and production companies owned and managed by Howard F. Sklar.

For nearly a century and under the leadership of three generations, the Sklar family has prospered in the oil and gas industry. With offices in Boulder, Colorado, Shreveport, Louisiana, and Brewton, Alabama, Sklar owns interests in oil and gas wells located throughout the United States. Sklar’s exploration and production activities have historically focused on the hydrocarbon-rich Lower Gulf Coast basins and in the Interior Gulf Coast basins of East Texas, North Louisiana, South Mississippi, South Alabama and the Florida Panhandle. In recent years, Sklar’s presence in Colorado has opened the door to new opportunities in prolific oil and gas basins in the western United States.

Our achievements and extensive history are based on three pillars: excellent assets, extraordinary people and prudent capital allocation. Specifically, we target long-lived, low cost conventional assets which are profitable even in challenging commodity price environments. We have built and maintained an extraordinarily talented team. And we have a long tradition of excellence in capital allocation directed toward the exploration for and exploitation of crude oil and natural gas reserves.


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